Exhibits Profile 展示范围

Exhibits Profile

1、Brand promotion and image display of large non-ferrous metal and steel production enterprises

2、Used in national defense, aerospace, shipbuilding, ocean engineering, petrochemical, new energy, nuclear power, equipment manufacturing, rail transit, photovoltaic industry, water conservancy and electric power, metallurgy industry, light industry, environmental protection industry, anti-corrosion engineering, electronic information, construction engineering, medical equipment, automobile manufacturing, motorcycles, sports equipment, household appliances and other fields of advanced metal materials

3、Steel and non-ferrous metal bar, pipe, sheet, strip, wire, cake, ring, profile, target, casting, forgings

4、Advanced non-ferrous alloy materials: titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, copper alloy, zirconium alloy, niobium alloy, tantalum alloy, etc.

5、Advanced steel materials: steel and steel alloys, stainless steel and corrosion-resistant alloys, cast iron and ductile iron, ferrite materials, alloy steel and high-temperature alloys, magnetic materials, iron-based functional materials, ultra-low temperature service steel materials, etc.

6、Metal composite materials: titanium/aluminum composite plate, copper/stainless steel composite plate, aluminum/steel composite plate, aluminum/stainless steel composite plate, copper/aluminum composite plate, titanium/steel composite plate, titanium/stainless steel composite plate, copper/steel composite plate, titanium/copper composite plate, titanium/nickel composite plate, nickel/steel composite plate, nickel/stainless steel composite plate, Hastelloy/steel composite plate, Hastelloy/stainless steel composite plate, Monel/steel composite plate, Monel/stainless steel composite plate Tool steel/steel composite plate.

7、Metal production technology and equipment: metal smelting and melting equipment; Equipment for heat treatment, industrial furnaces, casting and forging, surface treatment, rolling, cutting, welding, and special processing and forming; Metal 3D printing and additive manufacturing equipment, metal additive manufacturing technology, etc; Powder metallurgy; Technology development, smelting process and control, smelting process and equipment design, performance improvement and testing of smelting products, and enterprise management.

8、Government departments, traders, industry institutions, consulting services, investment promotion, media, etc.