Transportation 展馆交通


Transportation Guide to Suzhou International Exhibition Center:


1. Subway Line 1 Cultural Exhibition Center, Exit 3, directly to the venue.

2. Subway Line 2 to "Guangji South Road Station", transfer to Subway Line 1, to Exit 3 of Cultural Exhibition Center, directly to the venue.

3. Subway Line 4 to "Leqiao Station" transfer to Subway Line 1, to Exit 3 of the Cultural Exhibition Center, directly to the venue.

1. From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or Shanghai Pudong Airport to the exhibition center: take the airport bus to the high-speed railway station, take 20 minutes high-speed railway to Suzhou, transfer to the subway or bus to the exhibition center.

2. From Suzhou Station to the Exhibition center: Take the Express Line 9 at the North Square West Bus Hub of Suzhou Station, and get off at the International Exhibition Center Bus Station.

3. From Suzhou North Railway Station to the exhibition center: Take subway Line 2 to "Guangji South Road Station" , transfer to subway Line 1 to Exit 3 of Cultural Exhibition Center, directly to the venue.

Or take No.3 bus to Suan Xincun Station, transfer to express line 9 to Suzhou International Exhibition Center bus station.

4, Bus lines 2,127,156 and other bus lines are directly to the exhibition center.

Taxi(For reference only):

1. Suzhou North Railway Station (North Square)—— Suzhou International Exhibition Center (21 km)

2. Suzhou Station (South Square)——Suzhou International Exhibition Center (11 km)

3. Suzhou Park Station ——Suzhou International Exhibition Center (4 km)